Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kaldurg Trek

Fort: Kaldurg
Base : Waghoba Khind on road to Palghar (from Manor)
Grade : Medium
Height: 1547 feet above MSL.

1. Thane -> Manor -> Waghoba Khind (stop) route ahead goes to Palghar.

2. Varangade -> Kokner -> Waghoba Khind

This was the second fort of the day after Asawa and we left Varangade by 10.15am. We took the route to Kokner and the road of 10km was bad to worse and in about 45 mins we reached Kokner phata from where we turn right for Waghoba Khind. We could see Kaldurg's rocky structure from far away in fog. The rain too had now stopped and we prayed it shouldnt start for long as we wanted to trek Kaldurg.

Kaldurg in Clouds:

I had done Kaldurg before with friends and given
my leg condition I didnt want to do it however I decided I would take a call at the base. We reached Waghoba Khind in about 45 min by 10.45am and there was a shop there where we ordered tea and had breakfast of bread / butter / jam and tea. Once refreshed I took the decision of not going up as I didnt want to get more cramps so I stayed back at the base and as I had done the fort before didnt want to do it again.

The route for Kaldurg goes from behind the Waghoba temple. Its an easy 1 hour walk to the top. On top there are a few steps , a temple of devi, some water tanks.

As I was at the base I decided to explore the temple and surrounding area.The temple had a nice shivling near it. The temple was dedicated to Waghoba. Not sure what exactly does that mean but its an incarnation of God Shiva.

Some distance ahead on the road I chanced across an amazing waterfall which was flowing in full glory. It was nice to see the waterfall and I sat nearby for some time listening to the sound of water and enjoying the nature nearby. Some time later drops of rain started coming down and I walked back to the temple. There were a few police officials there who were talking to me just like that to while away their time. They were talking about their experiences in their jobs and I had a good time chatting with them.

The others who had gone to the top came back in about 2 hours and we started for Tandulwadi fort our 3rd and last for the day. Its coming in the next blog.

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