Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sindkhed Raja (Wada and Fort)

Base: Sindkhed Raja (Buldhana district)
Route: Rohinkhed - Buldhana - Chikhli - Deulgaon Raja - Sindkhed Raja (100 kms).

Places to see: Wada of Raja Lakhuji Jadhav (Jijabai's father) , Kala Killa , Samadhi of Lakhuji Jadhav and Someshwar Temple

Sindkhed Raja is famous for the birth place of Jijabai (Shivaji Maharaj's mother). This was the place where Raja Lakhuji Jadhav (Jijabai's father) ruled and lived. The place has a lot of places to see.

1. The Jadhav Wada This wada is located inside the city of Sindkhed Raja and is the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj's mother Jijabai. One has to pay 2Rs to get a ticket to visit the Wada (a govt initiative). The wada contains big bastions and a beautiful entrance door. Inside there are many artifacts , statues, carvings. Also there are underground rooms in the wada where people used to stay.

Entrance to the wada of Raja Lakhuji Jadhav

Old artifacts and cannon kept inside the wada

The underground rooms in the wada, these were built to keep away the heat in the region. The underground rooms are very cool and keep away most of the heat in all seasons

The birthplace of Jijabai (Shivaji Maharaj's mother) in the wada

The darbaari hall inside the wada where proceedings used to take place
2. The Kala Kot or the Kala Killa (Black Fort)

This fort was built by the Jadhav's but not constructed fully. Only the bastions and outer walls are present , nothing inside.

The walls and bastions of the Kala kot

3. Samadhi of Raja Lakhuji Jadhav

Raja Lakhuji Jadhav was killed by treason by the Nizam at Devgiri fort in Aurangabad with 2 of his sons. There is a samadhi built in his memory in Sindkhed Raja. The samadhi is a nice structure of old times.

4. Someshwar Temple

This is an old temple supposed to have been built by Raja Lakhuji Jadhav on his mother's wishes. This is a Shiv temple with a Shiv Linga for worship.

The shiv linga inside the Someshwar Temple at Sindkhed Raja

This was the last place in our trek. The trek finally ended here after which we took a bus back to Pune.


Pulsurge said...

Super Jaysaheb! Didnt know you were on tour to Vidharbha...great trip, this one and the rest too.

Jayaram said...

Thanks Deepak. The trek was awesome. Its good to see places of history esp forts and get to know stuff. :)

P M Velnkar said...

Good photos .Liked .Small doubt , we were told it was "Rang Mahal" & not Darbari Hall.

Sachin Deodhar said...

Nice to see forts other than western Maharashtra cause many trekers visits Forts near Pune & Nagar only . Whats ur mail id cause me & my friend are planning to visit forts of upcountry Maharashtra . my mail id "deodhar1978@gmail.com"

P M Velankar said...

Awesome.Very good photos.More then that isthe pieasure one must have derived trekking to all those places Wonderful . Happy trekking :-)

Madhav Pandey said...

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